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operated in cold climates and folks that includes right here in dc, maryland and virginia. they say rust from road salt is to blame. >>> now get outside to the evening rush hour. patranya bhoolsuwan is in the 9 news now traffic center. looks still a little bleak out there. >> that's right. as you heard devon lucie say earlier showers are moving in. use caution and take it slow wherever you go this friday night. 95 in virginia we are seeing late volume here, especially between dale city and triangle. a 20-minute commute and the prince william parkway accident, that has moved to the right shoulder. that's good news for drivers in that stretch. and delays are breaking up nicely on 495, west of town here from the toll road past the american legion to 270. people are going at speed. watch for delays between university and 95. and finally, going to take metro tonight, watch for delays on the red line. also this weekend, a lot of delays expected on metro because so many things are happening and the nats and caps game. united in town. combine that with scheduled track maintenance. it will be a l
off-shore drilling until the cause of the disaster is found. but virginia's governor bob mcdonnell is pushing the administration to continue plans of exploratory drilling off the coast of virginia. he says you don't ground every plane after one crashes and we can't stop drilling for oil. virginia's democrats do not agree. >> this is not just some idle, you know, imaginative risk. this is real risk that virginia will be incurring. >> reporter: moran admittedly favors holding drilling in virginia. and vendors at a seafood market are ordering as much shrimp as they can. environmental protection agency launched a website to keep us all informed of the health environmental impacts of the big spill. you can get there by logging on to wusa9.com. just click on 9 news extras. >>> police are hoping you can help to find a missing 14-year- old. jose guevara was missing last night and they are worried about his age and status. >>> why the numbers don't add up between the public schools and the washington teachers union. slipped mastis was there when they brought their different versions
. >>> and new information tonight in the investigation into that deadly mine explosion in west virginia. records now show the energy upper big branch mine was sited twice for violating federal safety rules on monday. the day of the blast. we do not know if those citations came before or after the explosion. the associated press is also reporting tonight that the emergency air safety system at the mine was not working on monday and had been broken for three months. tonight, rescue crews are drilling holes and trying to vent some of the poisonous gas out of that mine. >> we just can't take any chances of the rescue teams going into an area that could in and of itself cause a problem or explosion. >> we put an exhausting fan on that hole so we can measure the quality of air that is down in the mine. >> 25 miners died in monday's explosion. four others are still missing. >>> you heard it first at 7:00 last night and tonight, we are getting reaction to the governor's plan to bring back confederate history month. >> the first confederate battle flag. >> ed proudly displays the battle flag of the
the southwest of virginia. until that moves out, we're not in the clear. we'll come back a little bit. we'll tell you when we will be in the clear and look ahead to the weekend. back to you. >> and also tonight in your only local news at 7:00, the security shut down. getting ready to deal with the nuclear summit that will virtually close down a part of our town. at it again, a man who is no stranger to the park police, they are wanted for the racist graffiti out near reagan international airport. >> reporter: i'm lindsey mastis. in fairfax county, police have arrested six men connected with a home invasion. >> these six men were arrested up in rockville. >> reporter: the men face drug charges there. police they that they wore masks during a late night car daze. they brandished guns, tied up victims, fleeing with cash, jewelry, credit cards. and will there mite be other cases very similar in nature. >> reporter: they say that the men committed the same crime at another home in centerville. she believes that victims have not come forward. >> they don't want to be associated, perhaps with th
the week strong and look ahead to the weekend. derek. >> a northern virginia swim coach has been suspended from his job after being accused of sexually abusing one of his female swimmers. those accusations come from a missouri woman claiming her former coach sexually abused her when she was a teenage swimmer and now peggy fox reports that she game to manassas, even though the family prevented him from coaching again. >> i did not pay him to sexually molest my daughter. >> that's the voice of a kansas city mother whose now 21- year-old daughter filed a civil lawsuit against her former switch coach. 43-year-old robert. he is now employeed as a coach with the swimmers in manassas. >> he started sexually grooming her, befriending her, creating an atmosphere of, you know, all powerful, you need me. >> the suit also names u.s.a. swimming, swim clubs in missouri, and aaron dean, who is now the swimmers general manager. and was her supervisor in missouri. >> the mother of the plaintiff sent me this letter that her husband wrote two years ago. in it, he details the alleged misconduct of rob an
at the washington monument without their guns but at a national park in virginia participants had their guns locked and loaded. here's peggy fox with more. >> i'm sure a lot of our words today will be twisted and slanted. >> reporter: right at the start a speaker barbed the media even though there was more media than gun rights advocates who were making history to legally carrying guns in a national park. >> people exercising their second amendment right because if we don't, it will be taken woman. >> reporter: they rallied at graphically point next to national airport and across from the nation's capital little gun laws are far more strict than in virginia. even though it's legal to carry a fully loaded weapon, the organizers agreed to have the people stab their guns to their back unloaded. but the handguns were loaded. it's a sight that angered protesters. >> to do this on the anniversary of the oklahoma city bombings is disgraceful. >> the idea that they want to intimidate us. this is a man who encouraged people through bricks of windows. >> reporter: she's referring to mike vander bo who advoc
relatives started burying the miners who died in monday's explosion in west virginia. hundreds of people turned out for the two funerals today. at the same time rescuers made their fourth attempt to get into that mine and try and find the four miners who are still missing. 25 miners died in blasts -- in the blast on monday. today the mother of one of those miners said her son, josh napper was sent home last friday after complaining about the ventilation at the upper big branch facility. then he wrote letters to his mother, his fiance and 19-month- old daughter telling them all that he would be looking down on them from heaven if anything ever happened to him. >>> one big question after the explosion is what happens next in the mining industry. it's one of the questions being tackled on this sunday's platts energy week. >> for the safety question congress has to act. it will be impossible for them no have gotten -- to have gotten close in 2008 and stop now. we need to see tighter regulation of the overseer of mining safety. >> you can see more of the conversation that sunday morning 8:00
that just say look, we need to take a good look at virginia. >> it really comes down to building sights. so we're working to determine which of those will be the best for us. >> starting from 0 at this point is inconsistent with our timeline. >> the move is planned for summer of 2011. the ceo plans to make that decision on the arlington or fair fax within a few months. >> giving no ground on capitol hill today. despite being grilled by the lawmakers who are accusing the company of being unfair to clients. examining which role they might have played in the financial crisis. and today's hearing is focused on goldman's strategy with certain more of the investments. who still expected them to increase. and that the firm was in a position to make money at those investments declining. for that apparent complex, no apologies. >> the regret to me means something that you feel like you did wrong. and i don't have that. >> they were hoping to use today's hearing to build report for the registration now before the senate. >>> three violent robbers caught on tape. and they are looking for leads. two me
activists are mad about it. virginia's governor is about to sign a bill requiring elementary schools to use the nra's curriculum when teaching gun safety. here is peggy fox. >> there's a gun up here. >> i don't care what the narrow interest is. i don't want it mandated and i don't want it shoved down my child's throat. > antigun activists are angry about legislation that says if school boards decide to offer firearm safety education in elementary schools, they must use the national rifle association's eddie eagle gun safe program, which includes this video tape. >> and then, behind the broom, i saw a gun. at just that moment, the kids saw it, too. >> they consulted child psychologists in developing the program. >> stop. don't touch. leave the area, tell an adult. >> but eddie is no different than joe, who encouraged kids to smoke, says brad, with the brady campaign. >> they are doing this because they are trying to recute more gun owners in the future. >> in the pocket of the nra. >> this is an nra backed bill all the way. basically, they want to indoctrinate our children. >> she i
to upper 70s in many parts of northern virginia. here's how we lack across the board. we are cooler if you go towards the potomac. the chesapeake, and over as you head into the atlantic. south, southeast winds kept temperatures clear, but out to the west, temperatures really, really mild. this is this evening's forecast. clear and mild temperatures, back down into the 60s over the next couple of hours. at sunset, 23 minutes away from now, we have your complete forecast. that sparks some severe thunderstorms over the plain states today. that's going to be moving here over the weekend. we'll tell you exactly what that means in a few minutes. derek. >>> thanks, devon. don't forget the final four kicks off tomorrow. you'll see michigan state versus butler, then the late game, it's west virginia and duke. the only place to catch the action. still to come, when 9news now returns, drinking danger? hear what the federal government is doing to clamp down the form of mining that could affect our drinking water. and keep you out of trouble with the police when you check out the cherry blossoms. and w
in northern virginia and suburban maryland, hundreds posted warnings about it on the internet. >> i have been here for 27 years. this is the first that i have heard of one incident causing so many types of these complaints. >> reporter: police called one of the major service providers, verizon, in hopes of blocking the number. verizon traced the number to a business service provider called level 3. both companies today shut the number down on their networks. and a phone conversation on level 3 spokesman said that all are victims of a spam called spoofing and could be originated anywhere in the world. >> it's kind of like what you're thinking about it, someone is hijacking the telephone number. they are calling from another one other than the caller i.d. >> it wasn't. and you know, that's 2:00 in the morning, weekday, weekend, it doesn't matter. that's a pain. >> reporter: scott broom, 9news now. >> still a mystery who that spoofer is. and why they want to wake up thousands of people in the middle of the night. also investigating the calls. >>> also some road works to look out for later this w
in virginia, beautiful shot. sun getting ready to set, traffic easing between the 14th street bridge and mixing bowl. back to you. >>> topper has the forecast. maybe a jacket but no hat? >> yeah, no hat. we've stepped back into april. here's your forecast first. for tonight clear skies. you will need a jacket later tonight. it will be chilly, upper 30s in the suburbs. mid-40s downtown. winds light out of the southwest at 5 to 10. temperatures now, still around 0, a couple of -- 60, a couple of 50s here and there. 60 downtown. 60 gaithersburg. also in frederick. when we come back we talk about the 70s. we'll step in may tomorrow. you know what that means, showers. >>> still to come -- carrying on about carry-ons. how congress is fighting the latest airline fees but first, some encouraging news about an industry that brings millions of dollars into our area. >>> good news about the chesapeake bay blue crab population. >> blue crab population is actually roaring back and actually coming back stronger than many ever would have predicted. once decimated, this population is not only reboun
will keep you updated on how it works out. >>> investigators in northern virginia and montgomery county want to warn you about a thief who's breaking in to gym lockers. there have been a rash of such cases lately and as surae chinn tells us police want to catch this guy before his crimes escalate to something worse. >> he works out. >> reporter: detectives say he may look like he belongs at the gym but falls church investigators say behind bars would be a better fit. investigator says this man pictured here has hit a half dozen gym lockers at exercise facilities recently in alexandria, arlington, falls church, leesburg and montgomery county. >> he's working the entire area, northern virginia area. >> reporter: at one gym police say the thief took keys from behind the front desk. stole a vehicle and then used stolen credit cards at a macy's in ballston. he talk on his cell phone as he pulls out a stolen credit card and racks up $2,400 in gift cards and a watch. he then takes the shopping bag of stolen goods and leaves the store. >> it seems like it is escalating. it seems so bold he can just
, if this weather holds up, get ready for a lain shift on a major virginia road tonight. that's when crews will start moving all of the lanes of the new little river over the beltway. this is all part of those high occupancy toll lanes that are being worked on. the work is slated to begin at 9:30. it should all be done by 5:00 a.m. tune in tomorrow morning at 4:25 a.m. for angie and see how the traffic is holding up with that new pattern. >>> will the weather be permitting? let's get topper on the terrace. it's nice for now. >> it will last all night. it's going to be much milder. here's your forecast first. for tonight, we stay clear. winds not much of a factor and milder. lows in the 50s. we are talking mid to upper 50s downtown. and remember, the suburbs were in the 30s, much milder. temperatures right now are very nice. we are still in the 70s pretty much across the board. 73 up in gaithersburg and we are looking at 75 in culpeper and mid 70s to upper 70s down fredericksburgway. we will come back and talk about, it's going to feel like late may, almost june tomorrow and feel like marc
and stop oil and natural gas spilling off the coast of virginia. the risks outweigh the rewards and this spill will be taken into account before any future decisions on offshore drilling are made. >> there will be ample opportunity for public input. there will be ample opportunity for government input. obviously, what is occurring now will also be taken into consideration as the administration looks to advance that plan and what makes sense and what might need to be expected. >> they will head to the gulf coast tomorrow to inspect the cleanup operations and assess the environmental risks to that area. >>> another big question, the price of gasoline. today in dc, triple-a says prices crept up above $3 a gallon. scott broome with a look at what's going on out there. >> gas between $2.92 and $3.25, depending on the grade. >> you have to make a decision at the pump now. >> an environmental crisis looms in the gulf of mexico. the triple-a says don't blame the spill for $3 a gas in dc, at least not yet. >> it is just a drop in the bucket. >> back at the gas station, savvy driver
bring him to justice. >>> i'm audrey barnes. in dumfries, virginia, a 12- year-old armed with the semiautomatic handgun takes it on the school bus this morning. going all the way to the potomac middle school. >> and had he got off the bus and pointed the gun at his head. >> the teacher on the bus duty. they saw what was going on and quickly responded. and they were able to, you know, di fuse the situation. >> the boy was estranged and held for police to determine that the gun was not loaded and the boy didn't have ammunition. >> what if somebody were to get on the bus and intervene? then what? >> he was a good guy. i think that, you know, something happened. >> and the sixth grader is undergoing a medical evaluation. and they are facing charges of possessing a gun on the school property, an automatic 365-day expeelings. >> at the nuclear center in downtown dc, ton of security here. you can see the pedestrian fences. they are the barricades to keep cars and trucks out there. but what we're not seeing ends up there. and that is traffic. president obama could only dream that
. the entire metro area is benefiting, about $44 million is expected to get pumped into businesses in virginia and maryland. in northwest washington, i'm lindsey, 9news now. >> and raining and cold out there like it usually is in april around here, all those tourists wouldn't be here. >> i don't think that's the case. maybe not quite as many. >> beautiful weather in place and just doesn't get any better than this. we are going to stay this way, maybe a degree, several degrees warmer over the next couple of days. at least we are looking at a long stretch here, just beautiful sunshine. not really any clouds to deal with. here's the next three days. i did have this front coming in overnight saturday into sunday. it's going to come in, but this front is really going to be a very weak front. it dies out so much. it's not going to have much of an effect. maybe a few clouds through sunday morning. maybe a couple degrees cooler. today, 74 at national. everyone else is upper 70s, even a few 80s. i'm going to go with 80 tomorrow. we'll see what happens. there we go, 79 here on sunday. overnight tempe
. >>> two prominent churches in northern virginia are fighting to hold onto their property before the supreme court. arguments beganned today with the nine churches that broke away from the diocese before they ordained an openly bishop. and as peggy fox reports, they could have a powerful impact on churches everywhere. driving away from the municipal church and the first openly gay bishop. they worry about what might happen next. and to be blessed in the church, you know, something that we cannot agree on. >> and even if it is a gray area in terms of, well, the homosexuality for some folks that they may not be sure about. >> reporter: after a fairfax judge, they decided last year and a total of $40 million. the ruling hinges on an old statute giving the state the right to decide of the church dispute. a decision is not expected for several months. in falls church, peggy fox, 9news now. >> and the georgia mason religion politics, they said that it is likely that the supreme court will side with the breakaway churches, giving the green light to the brickway movement simmering in man
in virginia from 395, all the way out to tyson's right now. no major issues to report on that route, looking good. and the same story on 270 as you check out the live shot right now from over to clarksburg. everyone moving at speed, derek? back to you. >> thank you. >>> topper is here now with the 9news forecast. not a bad day. >> not too bad. a little windy and chilly. a lot of sun right now. and here is your forecast first now. we're looking at skies returning partly cloudy. we'll be breezy and cold. and i think that the winds, they will save this tonight. winds are northwesterly at about 10 to 15. and sot winds were calm. that will be a different story. with that said, i think the weather service is playing it kind of safe and issuing that a frost advisory for montgomery county, frederick county, howard county north. on the virginia side from north and west. and the freezing warnings, they are up near that divide. but i think really, around montgomery county, even frederick county, i think that we'll be okay because of nose northwest winds. temperatures right now, in the upper 50s in many
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